Do you feel like you're not producing content that is engaging your audience? They're not buying your products or services? Maybe your content is not clicking to your audience. Check out my eBook "How to take the guesswork out of creating content"

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how to take the guesswork out of creating content


Are you tired of running out of content topics for your blog posts, live videos and social media posts?

The main struggle that most small businesses have they lack when post are: Confidence-not sure what they are posting is reaching their target audience.

Consistency-the lack of time to create and schedule social media posts.Clarity-do not have a clear understanding of what they need to be posting. 

Without having a clear understanding of the 3 C’s you will fail to show up a leader in your industry.

By downloading this ULTIMATE GUIDE you will not transform your

Confusion for Clarity

Inconsistency for Consistency

Doubt for confidence


  • 47 engaging content ideas
  • 50 High converting headlines with fill-in-the-blank these topic starters can help you get your content done faster
  • 70 Social media engagement questions 
  • 30 day social media calendar gives you ideas on what to post
  • Printable social media calendar for your use to help you show up and be consistent on social media
  • Social media strategy checklist
  • How to find your client avatar
  • Social media posting plans-EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN,INFORM AND EMPOWER

As you review this eBook you will begin to get ideas of your own to help you on your social media journey. Create a space to keep all of your content so that you can refurbish to save you some time on super busy days. 

how to find your dream client


A lot of business owners make the biggest mistake of not knowing who their IDEAL client is. A client avatar is simply a profile of a very specific client you want to work with. They are the person who you are creating your business, your content, your services and your products for. Your job is to provide them with something that is going to solve pain points and fill avoid that they are experiencing.  This eBook will break down the step by step strategy to create your ideal client. You will know who they are, how you can help them and where they hang out at. Finding your ideal client is the key to having a successful online business.