Digital Marketing

Tailored to your business. Targeted to yOUR AUDIENCE

Are you struggling to stand out from the crowd? Are you looking to build, connect and engage with your community?  Do you want to sell more products and services using social media?

It doesn’t matter if you are already established on social media or if you’re absolutely clueless. I customize every management to your unique needs and goals. If you’re new to social media or content marketing I'll guide you through a full set up, from branding to execution. 

If you struggle with branding and building an online audience that translates to foot traffic and sales, Kimberly would love to help you with your strategy!

Let's work together!

I  use creativity, organic approach and  content marketing to enhance brands' online presence while deepen connections. My  goal is to take the guesswork out of building an online community so you can get your time back to focus on growing your business.


Kimberly is a marketing strategist that helps entrepreneurs pursue their passions and brand their greatness with proven strategies and systems to create the freedom and success they truly desire!

Social Media Management

SOCIAL MEDIA management services

Social media management overwhelming you and underwhelming your audience?

Social Media Management

I provide a targeted way to grow your business targeting people based on specific locations, age, gender, interests, hashtags and targeted details we look for based on your needs. As you social media manager I  will create a custom campaign for your business based on the goals and information you share with me to target your ideal customer, client or follower.

My goal is to drive more sales leveraging the power of online marketing to your business and legitimize your online presence.

Social media has become a strong business tool. Businesses use social media to build relationships in a way that advertising cannot. Customers want to know your company on a personal level and build a long-term relationship.

We will collaborate and create a social media strategy that will engage your community and help you reach the people who will without a doubt fall in love with your brand! My #1 Priority is offering a highly personalized quality service, because I want your brand to shine. I'll customize your strategy based on your target market, goals, messaging, and voice. I am ready to work with you 1 on 1, book a call today! 

social media marketing for realtors

Social media management for your real estate business enables you to promote your company to a wider audience and motivate word of mouth advertising. 

Our social media packages are meant to keep your fans and followers engaged. 

We will help you setup your social media profiles or improve the existing ones you have. To keep your audience up-to-date with your latest offerings, promos and events, we can help you with daily or weekly social media postings and content sharing. 

We make sure that the your message is displayed clear to attract your target audience with the ultimate goal of getting more people to visit your site and convert those visitors into customers. Call us for a marketing consultation today! 

  • Improve the design and content of your social media profiles
  • Create awareness about your company and your services
  • Promote engagement within the online community
  • Gain more followers on all your social media profiles
  • Create landing page/free offer to attract new followers
  • Drive more traffic to your real estate website

 Call us for a marketing consultation today! 

Social media management for realtors





Content creator


Are you looking for a package deal on our services? I allow my customers to bundle their services.

Want us to manage your Instagram Account but don't need content creation? No Problem!

Want us to manage multiple social media accounts? No Problem!

Want to increase your posting frequency and weekly engagement? No Problem!

During our 15-minute clarity call we will discuss all your marketing goals and needs  and I will create a customized package to your liking. 




Email Marketing Services

Getting clients with Instagram is not easy when you don't have clear direction. You're probably posting on Instagram based on pure emotion and what feels good to you right now. When you do that you're making decisions that could impact how many leads you get from your efforts. With this audit, I'll evaluate  your Instagram account and give you tips on how to get more clients with your posts. 


Landing Page/Lead Magnet

Landing Page/Lead Magnet

Social media tips

Learn how to create eye-catching graphics for your social media channels and grow your brand. Creating social media graphics can be a time-consuming and a costly endeavor. I'll work with you to develop a strategy and the skills you need to build your brand and improve the efficiency of your work. Find out more about my graphics  training by booking a call with me. Learn how to create social media graphics, eBooks and printable workbooks. Once you master creating eBooks and graphics you can use what you learn in this course to create additional streams of income. 

Landing Page/Lead Magnet

Landing Page/Lead Magnet

Landing Page/Lead Magnet

Social media coaching

One of the most commonly asked questions for digital marketers is: how can I grow my email list? 

Simply asking people for their email addresses won’t provide stellar results. Understandably so. Why should they willingly give up personal information without receiving anything in return?

   It could be a free eBook, access to printable worksheets, or even an entry in a prize drawing. The lead magnet is the thing that “attracts” leads and persuades them to give you their name and email address.

It’s all about presenting the lead magnet in a way that the target audience can understand and get excited about. You want to sound like a friend chatting over coffee. Not like someone from out of their social circle trying to sell them something.

Get a customized landing page and  lead magnet created to attract potential clients and build your email list.  If Instagram or Facebook goes offline today how will your reach your audience? Start today! 


Get answers to your marketing question!!!

Feeling overwhelmed by creating your marketing strategy? Not entirely sure what you’re doing or what the next steps should be? Do you have no idea of a marketing direction?  In this call we’ll discuss your goals, any current marketing activities and strategies that can help accelerate your growth. You’ll also get key insights what every business owner needs to scale their business.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

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